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Second Registered Mortgages

Second-Ranking Registered Mortgage Solutions

TPP Global offers funding solutions for business borrowers in exchange for second-ranking mortgage security over real estate assets and other tangible property.

Our indicative terms for second mortgage loan facilities are as follows:

Type Second Mortgage Facility
Facility size $100k to $10 million
Interest rate From 14.0% per annum plus fees
Term 3-12 months with the option to renew
Security Second-ranking registered security interest

Release the equity from your property

Second-mortgage loans are a fast way of releasing equity from real estate which has sufficient net value after the first-ranking mortgage amount is taken into consideration.


TPP Global can provide you fast access to a financing facility by leveraging the value in your real estate portfolio. This is a common way business owners access capital to help with their business growth or refinancing objectives.

Fast turnaround

We have legal resources on-hand to deploy contracts and capital promptly subject to borrowers satisfying standard due diligence requirements.

Apply Now

If your business is seeking access to funding via a second-mortgage loan facility, please complete our Funding Request form and one of our team members will be in touch.