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Risk Management

Diversified asset allocation to preserve capital & build value

Globally recognised asset managers use diversification as one of their key underlying risk management technique.  TPP Global Investments is no different.  We have constructed our asset allocation strategy to provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of underlying assets. These assets are generally in non-correlated industries, in various geographic locations and currencies, and have a spectrum of liquidity profiles.



Private Equity

Managing credit risk involves understanding the strength of the security assets, credit-worthiness of the borrower, and collection costs associated with enforceability.


TPP Global Investments evaluates credit opportunities with these factors in mind, drawing upon years of commercial lending experience to ensure risk-adjusted returns can be made through the provision of funding.


Our credit team typically requires first-ranking security over real estate or equivalent security in order to proceed with the provision of credit.



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Private equity involves investing in unlisted assets (i.e. those not listed on public markets).  The provision of capital is typically complimented by the provision of expertise to help develop the chosen investment, meaning private equity investment managers are far more “hands on” at ground level than traditional fund managers.


Also, by choosing unlisted assets the portfolio is not subject to the same volatility that can be experienced with the stockmarket.  The downside is that private equity assets are typically less liquid, however this is generally made up for by the potential for significant gains and liquidity benefits that can be achieved by developing and eventually refinancing or realising the asset over time.


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Real Estate

Strategic Opportunities

When assessing real estate investment opportunities our team looks for ways to create value as a means of managing risk. Value-creation in the group’s real estate portfolio helps strengthen our balance sheet to ride out potential price or tenancy fluctuations.


We typically seek out development opportunities where we can partner with local specialists as their funding partner. This enables us to become the beneficiary of local knowledge, networks, and operate in-keeping with local communities.


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Investment in tactical opportunities, distressed assets and other special situations requires the ability to rapidly evaluate risk and reward. 


TPP Global Investments carefully considers its strategic opportunities by looking at how they can create returns that outperform relative to risk.  Whilst most strategic opportunities are turned away due to complexity or impracticality, those that make strong commercial sense can often represent some of the best ways to create value whilst protecting capital.


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