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Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding Solutions

Substantial value in a business can be preserved and/or gained by being in a position to bring or defend claims which is why TPP Global Investments offers litigation funding solutions.  Our team understands the value of competent and experienced legal representation, and also the challenges associated with sourcing funding when embroiled in litigation.

A growing alternative asset class

Litigation funding is a fast-growing asset class due to its capacity to derive substantial financial benefits for plaintiffs and defendants.  Finding a litigation funder that understands your legal position and has the resources and relationship to help you maximise the benefits is key to a successful claim.

Litigation funding solutions

TPP Global offers funding to businesses that need access to capital to fight for their legal entitlements.  We specialise in Federal Court, Full Court of the Federal Court, High Court and Supreme Court proceedings and have existing relationships with specialist legal practitioners who can assist with evaluating, filing and defending claims. 


We are open to funding the preparing of draft proceedings with the view to reach settlements in complex disputes, or running multi-year proceedings which have strong prospects. 


We typically evaluate claims where the financial benefits to the party are a minimum of $1 million or greater.

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If your business is seeking access to litigation funding for your claim or defence requirements, please complete our Funding Request form and one of our team members will be in touch.