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Domain Name Finance

Domain Name Finance Solutions

TPP Global Investments provides high-value domain name owners with the ability to leverage the value of their domain name asset to access capital.  We provide domain name financing facilities secured against control of the domain name, which typically involves utilising an escrow service.

Our indicative terms for domain name financing facilities are as follows:

Type Domain Name Finance Facility
Facility size $100k – $10 million
Interest rate From 12.0% per annum plus fees
Term 3-36 months with the option to renew
Security Transfer of title to escrow service or similar

Access capital from your domain name

Domain name finance is popular with entrepreneurs and corporate clients that are seeking ways to access working capital or to settle domain name acquisition.  TPP Global Investments has industry relationships that can assist with assessing value and arranging security arrangements that mutually protect the domain name owner and TPP Global Investments.

Fast turnaround

We have legal resources on-hand to deploy contracts and capital promptly subject to borrowers satisfying standard due diligence requirements.

Apply Now

If you are interested in obtaining a loan against a high value domain name, please complete our Funding Application Form and one of our team members will be in touch.