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TPP Global Investments is a globally-focused investment & asset management group. We specialise in credit, private equityreal estate and strategic investment opportunities. We provide funding and business growth expertise to corporations, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and more to create value and achieve commercial objectives.






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Private Equity

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Real Estate

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We have experience in markets including AustraliaAsia-PacificUnited KingdomEuropeUnited States and various emerging countries where we see opportunities for growth & income. Our assets and commercial experience are diversified to hedge against risk.

About TPP Global Investments

We match capital with logical funding opportunities

TPP Global Investments provides bespoke funding solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs across international markets. We bring smart money to investment opportunities that are capable of delivering profit and creating win-win outcomes.

Diversified interests across sector, geography & currency

TPP Global has direct and indirect investment holdings spanning multiple sectors including real estate, business credit, fintech, software and digital media assets across 7 countries and 4 major currencies.

Over 100 years commercial experience

Our investment management, client relations & advisory team have over 100 years of combined commercial experience in investment banking, corporate finance and management of growth businesses internationally.

Hands-on investment management

We are typically hands-on with identifying, investing and managing our assets as we believe this is key to mitigating investment risk.

Calculated decision-making

Our team makes calculated decisions on how to best generate returns from our assets, drawing on years of experience and an extensive advisory network.